Is it time? I mean when SHOULD you put up your Christmas tree? The beginning of December? The day after Thanksgiving? What is the real rule?

I just tossed out a lot of questions and I know this because of all the question marks. Seriously, it's time to decide when is the correct time to put up your Christmas tree.

There used to be a time when Christmas trees went up after Thanksgiving and even that was a little bit too soon. Today it's almost standard that your tree is allowed to go up the day after Thanksgiving or what some of us call Black Friday. I mean this is the biggest shopping day of the year right? Or is it? How life has changed.

You can't even google and get the right answer anymore. Black Friday use to be a thing and I remember years ago we went live from the Boise Towne Square Mall when they opened at midnight once. That might have been like eight years ago. So funny how that seems sooooo long ago now. Black Friday hours have changed over the years and hardly anyone is getting up with a no-makeup look, grasping at coffee, and rolling out with your girls at 4:30 a.m. anymore. You know why? You don't have to.

Black Friday is still something but not even close to important anymore. Let me show you why. I'm gonna randomly jump on Best Buy's website and screenshot whatever I see.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 11.54.29 PM

It was a guess but I was right. The BF ads are already out and will probably go live very soon. Why wait till the day after Thanksgiving when you can make that money online today! That's the way the world is going and that means those Christmas trees are going up. You can thank the Hallmark Channel for that!

Christmas movies are already happening and Hallmark has two different Christmas Channels this year. Walmart, Fred Meyer and Target already have Christmas stuff up. If you go to Costco you will notice Christmas items up for sale and will be gone soon. Get them while you can because it's one of those get it quick or don't get it at all.

So, what's the answer? Should you put up the Christmas tree or not? let me give you this angle because I think it really depends on the family. What do you know about Christmas Spirit? I can't speak for everyone else but each of our Christmas moments are different. My family created that moment and it's up to all of us new parents to place that setting for our kids.

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

That said, does it really matter? Begin your own tradition and if it makes you feel a certain way then do it. I think our world can be conflicting with distraction and we need something that makes us all feel good. Who doesn't love the Christmas spirit? Think back to when you were a little kid.

I can go back to memories of my parents playing Santa bells on a recorder when he came by late that night. I remember all of my cousins listening on the radio when someone had a Santa sighting. I remember watching Christmas Story and Home Alone. Christmas is a feeling and it doesn't matter whether it's December, JULY, or the day after Thanksgiving. I think we could all use some Christmas spirit at least once a week if you ask me. We need more happiness and more kindness.

So, put up you tree this weekend or wait. Just remember that putting it up today doesn't mean that you've decided to cave in to commercialism. it just means that you want the family to feel that Christmas spirit and happiness that we all deserve. Christmas doesn't have to be about presents but about feeling. Don't let society determine what makes you happy. I'll let my wife put up that tree today if it makes her happy. Why should we care so much. We only have one life and if Christmas makes us happy then why would you ever take it down?

Have a merry Christmas and remember that someone close to you might not have what you do. buy a tree and gift it to a neighbor. Always make sure your neighbor is good and if we all did that, nobody would go hungry.


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