I told you to to get your tickets while you could.

I told you this years' Boise Music Festival would be the biggest in its 10-year history.

I told you not to buy tickets that are free from people on Facebook marketplace.

I've given you ever single location date and time that would have these tickets for you.

Yet, here we are...days away from Boise Music Festival and still thousands don't have the tickets that they need.

So for one last time: this week, come and get your FREE Boise Music Festival Tickets.

I get it, not everyone has time to leave their jobs or busy lives to grab these things so I'm not judging if you don't have any. I am, however, letting you know that THIS is your last chance to grab some tickets from us on the streets for free. Hopefully you're 21 years old or older.

This Wednesday, Humpin' Hannah's in Downtown Boise is THE last stop. We will be in the bar from 10:00 p.m. until Midnight with your shot to win them and Rocci Johnson and the Rocci Johnson Band will have a couple of pairs to give away off of the stage as well. Don't miss out.

Make a Wednesday night out of it-- drinks are just $2 (wells, shots and beers) and the dance floor is the best in town! See you this week!

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