We need more pet adoptions!  We have way too many strays and pets without a forever home, so it's insane what happened on Tuesday at West Valley Humane Society in Caldwell.  Apparently a cute little red and white pit bull puppy named "Snoopy" was adopted by a loving family, but before they could pick the puppy up, he was stolen.

Snoopy was taken between 5:15 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. during feeding time, when the kennels are unlocked.

Here is a pic of Snoopy.  If you've seen him, or have any information about this(maybe you've heard someone talking about it)


(photo credit: West Valley Humane Society)

Call 208-455-5930 or 208-455-5927.

This is so ridiculous!  Who steals a puppy from a shelter?  This was probably a Christmas present for some kids!

Ok, so maybe this makes you want to adopt a puppy of your own?  Here is some info on places to adopt.

Do you know what kind of pet is right for you?  Remember, puppies and kittens are super cute, but they grow up!  Know what kind of personality traits and special needs different breeds have and need!  Go over this checklist and tips list from the ASPCA, to make sure you are getting the right pet for your situation!

The worst thing in the world is having to surrender and adopted pet!  It's hard on them and emotionally hard on you!  Also, please don't buy your pets!  Just my 2 cents :)

Remember have your pets spay or neutered!!


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