Do you feel like Idaho is just...different than it used to be? Would you also agree that being an Idahoan means something different than it did back in the day?

What happened? How did we get here? Why is Idaho so different compared to how it used to be?

Maybe it's just us, but we'd like to go back to how Idaho was before all those people came over and made things all terrible.


Think about it. No one showing up randomly to town telling you how to run things. No new neighbors popping up and raising housing costs. Out with hundreds of people showing up, bogging down our streets and getting in our way? With us so far? Good!

Let's go back to how Idaho originally was, am I right? Back to the 1700s, before colonizers showed up, changed everything, and forever altered what the state of Idaho is truly about. That's what we want, isn't it? Idaho how it used to be!


We're joking, clearly. Idaho is great, and there's most definitely room for everyone to live here, thrive, and make the Gem State the best state!


Just look how different Idaho is in 2023. Just a year or two ago, folks would balk at the idea of a marijuana company owning a location in the Treasure Valley, but take a look!

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And who'd want to live in Boise back in the 1700s without these super tasty booze slushies?

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