Over the weekend, Boise may have been the most busy that it has been in a very long time. If you wandered around the streets of Downtown Boise, then you were really able to feel the energy.

Sunny, warm, and clear blue skies made up the forecast for what thousands of Boise residents had anticipated for many different reasons. First, Boise State football's home opening game took place on The Blue with UCF--a major matchup. Next, Art In The Park was taking place all weekend which draws thousands of artists and lovers of art! Finally, Boise Pride Festival was taking place--which drew thousands to the core of downtown Boise streets.

So what was the one thing that event attendees of all three events saw up in the sky? A plane carrying a message that the rainbow "belongs to God" and not "you".

What is even more peculiar, is that many online began noticing that the plane was flying in strange patterns. Some called it phallic...

A Look at Boise's Sky Over The Weekend

Many were talking about the plan zooming low over Boise this weekend, carrying a political / religious message. Now, folks are confused as to why it was flying in these suggestive patterns.

Could these flight patterns have been intentional? What on earth was going on over the skies of Boise this weekend!? 

We were able to find the tail number of this plane and traced it back to public filings from the FAA. The plane is registered to a James Patterson. Was Mr. Patterson being inappropriate in the skies?

Did you notice the plane and its strange flight patterns?

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