Have you ever signed up for something-- a prize, an update, a newsletter-- and TOTALLY forgotten about it? We've all been there. Days, weeks, or months later you get something in the mail or in your inbox and you have to think where THIS came from. I had one of those moments this week and honestly, I'm a little excited about the email that hit my inbox.

Amazon addicts or deal lovers rejoice--apparently, the Amazon Treasure Truck is now active in the Treasure Valley. I remember seeing this concept a VERY long time ago and signing up to learn when it was going to be in our area. After receiving an email earlier this week from Amazon, it appears that the truck, or at least the concept, is now here in Boise.

What is the Amazon Treasure Truck? Well, it's this giant Amazon truck that drive around town with impromptu deals that get sent out to subscribers via text message. There is no method to the madness, Amazon just lets you know what random item is REAL cheap that day and if you want it, you pick it up from the Treasure Truck which will be located somewhere in town.

While the truck has been around in larger cities for a while, according to this email I received, it is NOW available in Boise.  COVID-19 shut down the physical truck over the last year and now instead, it's a deal that can be shipped to you. I haven't been able to track down if there is an actual truck in Boise yet..but believe me, I'm on the hunt.  I've already received a few texts with deals just this week, too!

You can learn more about the truck, HERE.

From the looks of it, having the deal SHIPPED to you is still the only option but I need a picture with this big truck once it is finally back on the road--it's like a modern Weiner Mobile!

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