The Boise State Football team returns home Friday night to take on the Wyoming Cowboys at Albertsons Stadium. Fans in Idaho and across the country will be tuned into the game. But, for three Idaho families, this game is more significant than can be put into words. Boise State will honor the families of the three fallen members of the Idaho National Guard who lost their lives in a training accident this year, reports the Idaho Statesman.  

"The families of Chief Warrant Officer 3 Matthew Peltzer, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Jesse Anderson, Chief Warrant Officer 3 George Laubhan will be honored at Friday's game during the first quarter of Friday night's game." Boise State's entire faculty deserves a huge thank you for this gesture. We are so fortunate to live in a country where less than one percent of the population volunteer to serve their country.

Boise State is sending a message to those three families that our community cares for them, and we are so sorry for their loss. In an era where it's about wins and losses, the Broncos have really created a winning effort that sends a powerful message to the entire Guard community. You are not forgotten. We appreciate your service. We are sorry for your loss.  

Let's hope that other organizations follow the example that Boise State is setting for all of us tonight. One cannot express what it must be like to lose a family member in service to our nation. Let's hope Friday night's ceremony will send the right message to those three families of the fallen.

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