Recently Boise Police shared some insight via their facebook page on a two day effort focused on speeding violations...

" During two days of special patrols focusing on that area between 7pm and 1am officers stopped 183 drivers and issued 158 citations. Citations were issued for speeding, excessive speeding, equipment violations, license violations, unregistered vehicles and no insurance."

183 drivers stopped but only 158 received citations... that part stood out to me. What's the story with the 25 who did not get traffic tickets? My curiosity led me down the rabbit hole and then it hit me... I wonder what the ratio of men vs. women is that get tickets? It seems as though every time I've discussed traffic tickets with women they always say " I've never gotten a ticket, they always let me go".

Why Do Boise Women Get Out Of Traffic Tickets More Often Than Men?

Someone else was curious about this as well and decided to do some research and that someone is the Esurance group. They "took some extensive surveys and wrote down the numbers to provide some insight. The studies concluded that men are 13 percent likelier than women are to receive traffic tickets. Females have a higher probability of receiving parking tickets, however."

So do women get out of tickets more often than men? Here's what the data says according to .

"Men apparently have the gift of gab more than women do when it comes to talking their way out of citations. Fifty-six percent of males who get pulled over can weasel their way out of a ticket. Only 43 percent of women are able to do the same."

The say perception is reality but that is not the case when it comes to traffic tickets. Be careful out there and make sure to keep it under the speeding limit.

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