Over my years of working in and around radio stations, I've had the chance to meet a lot of artists, go to a lot of concerts, and be a part of a ton of events. It's a really fun perk to a job that involves so much more than just these types of events. Until Why Don't We came to Boise, however, I had no idea that a group of such popular artists could be a laid back and humble as this crew.

Insert any "boy band joke" HERE and say what you want-- these kids are talented and down to earth artists that just really know how to work over their fans. We had 100 lucky fans get into the private pre-concert event over at Urban Air (Boise's newest and most premier kids attractions) and the band absolutely killed it.

From singing happy birthday to one lucky meet and greet winner to taking the time to answer tons of fan questions, you can see more from the event, HERE. Otherwise, check out this awesome video that our friends over at Go Out Local put together!

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