All of us here at 103.5 KISS FM definitely had a blast on Saturday over at Urban Air in Meridian. Of course, we were joined by one of Boise's favorite bands: Why Don't We!

First of all--if you haven't been to Urban Air, you definitely need to check it out. Since I don't have kids, it isn't a place I've been to until setting up our lounge time with Why Don't We. Believe me, this place made me want to bring out my inner kid. With all sorts of jumping and climbing attractions all over the facility, it was bright, friendly, and interactive. In fact, my first reaction was: how does this place not smell like a giant foot? You know the smell I'm talking about. According to management--the building is designed so that never happens at Urban Air. Can you say winning?

As for our performance--Why Don't We joined us in an awesome lounge room with a beautiful view of the foothills. If you were there--pictures are above. If you were one of our lucky Why Don't We Meet & Greet Winners, your pictures are here, too! Download, save, and tag us in any of your best shots!

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