Thank you to Urban Air for allowing us to take over the place for a few hours this weekend. We had the opportunity to host an upcoming group of stars for a private show Saturday.

I've heard about this place but was amazed by its modern take on the family hot spot. Urban Air is definitely putting more than it's foot in the water when it comes to activity destination.

We had the opportunity of having 'Why Don't We' host a private session immediately before their big show that night at the Knitting Factory. We were so lucky.

I met several ladies that were local but it was like watching the premiere of American Idol. I met all the kids that bonded with other teens out of Idaho. You can't imagine the stories we heard from teens that travel the country to see these five up and coming stars. I remember one of the kids asking them what it was like to be famous. Someone said,

I can't believe you dropped the 'F' bomb! No! No! Let's stay away from that kind of language

I remember one of 'Why Don't We' talking about how cool the mountains were. We luckily got this very cool conference style room look at the snowy peaks next to Table Rock. It was a Sunny Saturday and these kids loved it.

Have you been to Urban Air or seen the posts online? Let me open our eyes to some pretty cool games and activities that remind you of the reality show, American Ninja Warrior. Lucky the Dj had been mentioning this place but seeing is believing. I think my three-year-old son is going to love this because there is something for every age.

Check these guys at and I'm posting up some pictures of the event. I notice several birthday parties happing at the same time our event was going on. Peep the pics and the links below.



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