Why Don't We, Spring Break

Finally, spring is on the way. The temperature is warmer (well kind of) and the days are getting longer (for the most part) My point is, we are closer to Spring than we were say, last week.

So Why Don't We throw a spring break party? The Youtube sensation Why Don't We is coming to Boise for a show at the Knitting Factory; you can buy tickets here. If your fanatic about Why Don't We and can't (or can for that matter), make it to the show, you'll want to join us for this invite-only event.

The party will be at Urban Air Adventure Park. Zach, Jonah, Jack, Daniel and Corbin (Why Don't We) will perform a few acoustic songs in an intimate private lounge, answer some of your questions, and even take a few pictures with their fans. Imagine posting a selfie with Why Don't We on your Instagram. Or having them take over your Snapchat account. You'll also get an all-access pass into to the park.


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