Have you ever woken up and wondered where you were? Perhaps you worked too late or had too good of a time on the time on the town? Some call it a hangover.

Others don't know how to describe it. I believe we are living in a post-Covid hangover type world. We seem to be living in an unrecognizable world.

In the pre-Covid world, everyone worked for a living; we had no shortages of supplies, and our unemployment rate was at a historic low. Today in the Treasure Valley, it seems no one wants to work for a living. We see the long lines at any business that requires a workforce to serve the public.

Gone are the days of short check-out lines and quick customer service. Those days are replaced by stores that cannot hire enough employees during the beginning of our economic revival. We are all victims of long lines from fast-food restaurants to grocery stores.

As Covid continues to wane, where is the return of our workforce? Experts speculate that once the additional federal unemployment benefits, Idahoans will return to the force. However, what about the long-term consequences of being paid not to work? Let's hope that folks will embrace work wanting to earn instead of being dependent on the government.

What is the solution? Since our elected leaders have failed to address the worker and supply shortages, it's up to every Idahoan to get themselves back to work. If you're working, then it's time for the kids and grand kids to get back to work. It would be nice if we could stay home and be given things that we didn't earn. Our year-long vacation is over, and it's time to get everyone back to work.

The Wall Street Journal looks at the new phenomenon of more Americans quitting their jobs for a new career.

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