It's that particular time of year where all the politicians, good and bad, large and small, conservative and liberal, descend upon the city of Boise to determine our future.

Yes, true believers, it's time for another session of the not so ready for prime-time players known as the Idaho Legislature. Once again, the legislative leadership vows to solve all of our problems, and what will they accomplish this year? Here's a quick to-do list for those keeping score at home.  

Whoops forgot to mention this is an election year which means historically, there is an opportunity to get something substantial passed. We'll also be watching the relationship between the governor and the lieutenant governor, which has been strained over the last four years. 

For years and years, Idahoans have clamored for property tax relief. The excessive tax on homes has forced many to sell their homes under duress. The legislature has repeatedly tried to solve this problem only to be derailed by internal opposition or by Idaho's mayors. We will see how serious the legislators are about this problem if they tackle property tax reform in January and not in March when they're in a hurry to get home.  

The removal of grocery tax remains another promise by Idaho politicians that have not been kept. Whether it was 2014, 2016, 2018, or 2020, Idaho elected officials have not eradicated its grocery tax. Idaho is only one of six states that has a tax on groceries. We detailed a few nonpartisan issues here that would benefit all Idahoans.  

Idaho has a record surplus that begs the question, what will we do with over a billion dollars that the state currently holds in the treasury. How many new roads and bridges could a billion dollars buy? Or will the money go to an unnamed particular interest? The state is watching; who is the legislature looking out for you or the special interests?  

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