"It normally doesn't snow like this" is the phrase so many native Idahoans are using to explain a Treasure Valley winter to their friends that just moved to the Treasure Valley.

I must have used the same phrase over 100 times this week while my friend Andy was visiting Boise for the first time.  I've known him since pre-school and we grew up just under the snowball in Northeast Ohio. We're used to this much snow, but Idaho doesn't have quiet as many resources to clear the streets as the state we grew up in.  I felt so bad telling him we'd be lucky to find a place open in Southeast Boise for dinner, let alone have a prayer of making it to the Steelheads game like we planned.

Even Keke, who's been in Boise for 10 years, has never seen a winter like this in the Valley.   So what's causing this wacky weather? According to the Idaho Statesman, it's La Nina.  La Nina usually brings temps lower than normal and more precipitation (rain or snow) to the Pacific Northwest. Meteorologist don't expect the sub zero temps we had this week to stick around long, but tends are expected to be 1-3 degrees lower than normal for January and early February.

This weekend's storm has already brought icy roads and more snow accumulation than expected.  Several regional schools have already called cancellations for tomorrow.  Keep up with the latest below.

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