Unless you've been living under a rock, you know the Boise River is flowing at record levels and has been for weeks.  How much will this early amount of water effect this summer's float season? 

According to KTVB, it's just too early to tell.  Right now the river is five times higher than the levels it's normally at when Boise River Raft and Tube opens for business and the air pumps are turned on at Barber Park.  There are several factors that can change that before the summer months arrive.

Ada County Parks and Waterways tells the news outlet that the river levels are determined by how much water farmers need for irrigation this spring, how much room is left in the reservoirs at Lucky Peak, Arrowrock and Anderson Ranch and how much snow is in the mountains. With how swiftly the river is moving, they're also anticipating more (and bigger) debris in the river than normal which could take a while for Boise Fire to clear before it's safe for the average floater to jump on a tube and float down the river.

Over the past 15 years, the average opening date for the river has been June 22nd.  Last year, it opened just in time for 4th of July weekend (July 29th) but has opened as early as June 12th (2014.)

Until then, be careful around the river.  Our friend Brandon from Fleet Feet Meridian, went on a run that started in Eagle last Sunday and ended up swimming through ice cold water that reached his neck because he didn't want to turn around and back track his way home.  Brandon survived his icy dip unscathed, but it's a good reminder that even several inches of cold river water and knock you off your feet!

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