Summer is officially upon us as temperatures remain in the 90's. This is when you see all the warnings about leaving things in your hot car. The "how much water should you drink on a hot Summer day" goes viral.

This is also when lakes, pools, and the Boise River opens for business. This has become a fashion statement believe it or not. You can't just come out with some old tube. That was so 2020.

Boise River Float Season Begins This Week

The city pools opened this week and the Boise River is ready for Idahoans to begin, "Floating Season." This week on the river is going to be bananas. I remember last year talking about wearing masks on the river and that made for great conversation. No, don't wear a mask on the river.

Let's say you missed the crazy 2020 float season and this is your time. You can't just grab something old to float with. Give that to your kids and they will be happy. However, the mom gets to floss her way through Barber Park with attitude. I went looking and found 30 of the most trendy inflatables that will set you apart from the average floaters (like myself).

Idaho Inflatable Trends in 2021

30 Trending Summer Inflatables
30 Trending Summer Inflatables

I'm not sure what the pool rules are when it comes to inflatables. Will the Boise pools let you bring in a 20-foot Flamingo? What about the Disco Club on floats? Do you want to ride your Barbie Convertible in front of all the other mothers at the pool? That could possibly put you in that cool mom status level.

Enjoy this list and you can actually find a lot of these at Albertsons, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Home Depot. You will have to visit FunboyIntex, and Aqua-Leisure online.

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You don't want to float 2021 in your grandpa's old black rubber tube, do you? Here are 30 inflatables that will catch everyone's attention this year.

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