Disney + has a new TV series called Welcome to Earth. The series shows adventures that actor Will Smith does with various explorers and scientists around the world. Each episode giving a whole new look at the world around us.

One of the episodes was filmed with Boise State University volcanologist Dr. Jeffrey Johnson who has been studying the sounds volcanoes make. He took actor Will Smith and well-known climber Eric Weihenmayer inside an active volcano. As anyone would or should be there were some definite nerves as the trio headed closer and closer to the mouth of the active volcano on a small island in the South Pacific Ocean. Not only was it great for TV but the team was aiming to learn about the Earth sounds that come out of the crater.

This was not the first time at this particular volcano for BSUs Dr. Jeffrey Johnson. This particular volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

He told Boise State Public Radio, “I had the chance to meet two incredible personalities Will Smith, the actor, as well as Eric Weihenmayer, who is the blind climber, perhaps most famous for having summited Mount Everest, as well as the seven summits. Very excited to be at this volcano and the field work with {Eric} was an incredible experience for me to meet someone who's so inspirational.” said Johnson. He also said that working with Will Smith was great and helped him reach a wider audience.

KTVB Chanel 7 had some fun commentary from Dr.Johnson when he talked about one of his most memorable moments from the trip when the three of them were in the crater, "It’s an ominous place to be, there are explosions which are not gonna drop bombs on us, but the bombs are going up in the air. And [Will Smith] picks up one of my instruments and he's pretending like it's a phone, and he talks to them and he's like ‘okay it's time to get out of here.' He just makes these quick jokes under situations that for him, I think might have been a little bit stressful.”

The filming for this episode happened in December. The Disney + Welcome to Earth currently have 6 episodes available to watch. The Volcano one is not available yet but is expected to be added to the lineup in the next few weeks.

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