It's that time again: we're loading up some party busses and headed to Jackpot, Nevada!  Once or twice a year we are lucky enough to get our hands on some fancy party busses (whose idea was it to let us take these things out again?) and we head down to Cactus Pete's in Jackpot, Nevada. This trip coming up on March 7th, in particular, is a popular one and it's all because of The Chippendales. These trips are always fun and I'm definitely that guy that is always sneaking photos and videos all night...I thought about posting some from our last trip but I couldn't do everyone dirty like least not yet.

What happens in Jackpot, STAYS in Jackpot.

Listen, anyone is welcome to join us but THIS trip is for the ladies and we're pumped to be able to invite you. We're taking care of the transportation, hotel, dinner, and tickets to the world-famous male review..that is, IF you're one of our lucky winners.  Make sure you're listening to Keke + Kat all week long on 103.5 KISS FM for your chance to land this mini vacation.

BUY your tickets and secure your seats (and hotel room, dinner voucher, and Chippendale tickets..for you AND a friend), HERE.

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