The struggle is real! Keke and Kat’s Party Bus to Jackpot was a success that included a finesse-filled male review. All three busses sold-out, the Chippendale’s put on one crazy show, and the women turnt things up in that Gala.

You will notice a beginning shot on the bus and the polar opposite return photo. This is the equivalent your friend's bachelorette party with a three-hour commune the next morning hungover asf.

Let’s rewind for the video that you can find on our Instagram if you swipe deep enough. I’ll paint the picture for you so plans can be made for our Summer Pool Party Bash [TBA].

I wanna shout-out to our new friends Gabby, Shayne, and Derricka. Kat and I met these ladies before the Chippendale’s show helping us stay lit before and after the late night post part. Happy birthday Shayne! We hope you enjoyed that shirt you ripped off Mr. Chippendale!

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

Side note: Shayne is a nurse and she was one of the many that saved my son’s life one December morning a little over 4 years ago. Small world. See, angels do exist.

Great meeting our golfing pro who had to fly back to where it’s warm in Arizona! Can’t wait to see Gabby on the LPGA. We’re so very proud of you in just a few hours we met. Go, girl. Derricka! You are the official squad leader and we need you back on the show this week! Hollaback!

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

There was even a divorce party where Maria brought her entire click of ladies. I had to buy her a show and do a toast on this International Women’s Day to her next chapter in life. A massive shout to all those ladies standing by her side to say, “We Support and love you.” So powerful.

This was a great trip and there is no way to fit everyone into this one blog. There will be more and it’s time to begin planning for the Summer pool party.

Thanks to my amazing co-host Kat Fisher who might just be the perfect reflection of what our show is

  • Funny
  • Happy
  • Empowering
  • Silly
  • Filthy rich with prizes.

Kat is new to the show and there is no other person that brings the strength of female empowerment that I'd ever want by my side each morning. I watched her take the check at breakfast, thank our server by name, and wish her a happy International Women’s Day with a big welcoming smile. She's very genuine and I hope you love her each morning.

Thanks to all the women who came and let go of everything for just 24 hours. These were mothers, daughters, friends and the best listeners you could imagine. What a great trip! Thanks again and get ready for the Summer Pool Party Trip to Jackpot with Keke & kat.

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