If you're pumped for everything pumpkin or just a decline in the temperatures outside, perhaps Fall is your season. That said, if it is, there are some really cool seasonal jobs coming up that you should be on the lookout for. As crazy as it is to think about, Christmas is coming up and for many that involves paying for travel home and/or spending a good chunk of change on gifts for friends, significant others, or family. That can all be really tough to afford.

Picking up a second job can be really difficult, I've been there. However, a seasonal second job for many is most manageable and offers some added income, especially nice with those "expensive" holidays coming up. If Fall is your jam, The Farmstead is hiring and accepting applications right now.

You're probably familiar with The Farmstead for their awesome corn maze and if you have ever been to Pumpkin Smash, you've been there with us!

They're looking for energetic, outgoing individuals to help staff their operations and positions include drivers for hayrides, cashiers for admittance, food service workers, and Corn Cops to enforce the rules and watch the attractions.  Feeling a little extra into Halloween? Apply to be an actor in the field of screams--the haunted corn trail!

For applications and full job descriptions, click HERE.

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