A woman was left frustrated after her forgetful friend overlooked their birthday plans together and booked an international trip instead.

Sharing her story on Mumsnet, the woman claimed her friend is "chronically late" and frequently forgets their plans.

Several months ago, she and the friend decided to plan something nice together to celebrate her birthday, which is in November.

After a few discussions, the two women decided on a date that would work for both of them. Since then, the woman has "spent a lot of time planning a day full of nice activities" for the birthday girl.

"It's a big birthday. I had organized a day full of nice activities — spa in the morning, hair and makeup in the afternoon, and dinner in the evening," the woman explained to Mumsnet.

"We are in contact a lot, and during the course of our texting ... I asked if she was all set for next weekend. She responded that she was going abroad," she continued.

"I sent her screenshots of our conversation from a few months ago, and she said she forgot to put it in her diary, how she was mortified, but she hasn't apologized," the woman added.

The woman asked Mumsnet if she is being unreasonable or if her feelings are valid.

"I'm really upset. I spent so long organizing it. Am I overreacting, and should I just let it go or say something?" she concluded.

In the comments section, Mumsnet users shared the belief that the woman is more invested in her friendship than her pal.

"She's flaky. More fool [on] you for booking events for a 'friend' who's prone to letting you down and leaving you hanging! Sorry that's not what you wanted to hear, but it's the truth," one reader wrote.

"I'm afraid she doesn't value your friendship as highly as you do," another shared, explaining they've been in a similar situation: "We had a friend like this. The last straw was when we and another couple were sitting at home waiting for them to turn up for dinner. Eventually, [they called], and guess what? She'd forgotten. The last time we went to them for dinner, she had also 'forgotten' we were coming. I took the hint."

"You are right to feel upset, but you know your friend is like that, so regular reminders are useful. Set up a What's App titled birthday weekend in November and send regular notes," another user suggested.

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