When one finds oneself looking for a last-minute Halloween costume, options can be limited. Do you go to the big box store and buy some wrinkled mess in a plastic bag? Do you roll the dice at Goodwill and hope to find something passable? Or do you turn to the dark side of the internet and risk using...Facebook Marketplace?

This story is about that last option. A woman went to a home in Provo, Utah to purchase a part of a Halloween costume she found on Facebook Marketplace. Soon after, the person she attempted to buy from is now under investigation for kidnapping.

Police say that soon after the woman arrived at the seller's home, things immediately went sideways:

The student was inside Swann’s home and made the transaction. As the student prepared to leave, Swann pushed her into the bedroom and closed the door behind them. Swann then grabbed the student around the waist with both arms, took her phone away and then attempted to remove his shirt.

[The woman] fearing she was about to be raped and fearing for her life, punched and bit Swann until she was able to fight him off and run out of the home and call 911.

Provo Police officer Shad LeFevre recommends folks meet at a safe, public place when making any kind of transaction. It's also a good idea to bring a friend with you in case the situation isn't so safe.

Be safe out there, and always be weary who you're talking to (and buying from) online.

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