Yes, it is a thing now. In fact, it was an entire movement called "Free the Nipple" that started in Colorado when a city ordinance was passed banning women from going topless in public. Well, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in unconstitutional.

The 6 states that fall under the 10th circuit where it is now illegal to pass an ordinance banning topless women include Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma.

I find this incredibly interesting on so many levels. One, why was a city ordinance made, was it really such a common problem that it had to be addressed? Secondly, now that every state in the 10th circuit can no longer criminalize topless women, is it going to be a more common problem?

The former ordinance in Fort Collins Colorado that started this whole thing stated that females over the age of 10 were not allowed to knowingly expose their breasts in any public place or on certain private properties that could be viewed from a public area.

If a woman was caught going topless in a public space she could be slapped with a fine of up to $2,650 for a misdemeanor and/or jail for up to 180 days. That is a pretty big sentence if you ask me.

I am not one to judge, if you want to take advantage of this new allowed topless-ness more power to you. I just don't know how it got to be such a big deal and such a threat that an ordinance had to be created. Were there hundred of topless women walking around Colorado that we didn't hear about?

The Supreme Court has yet to say whether or not they will take up this case.

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