Trying to get a good workout in this week? Let me help you!

No, I'm not offering personal training sessions. That would be terrible. But this week, I CAN bring you out to Kvell Fitness and Nutrition with me!

You've probably heard me talk about Kvell Fitness on the air or online by now--it's the place that has completely changed my outlook on a healthy lifestyle.  In April, we started a 12-week long fitness challenge at Townsquare Media and you can read about how much I loved it, HERE.

I found out after my workout this morning that all week long, it's "Bring A Friend For Free Week" at Kvell Fitness and Nutrition and I believe in this place so much, I wanted to extend an invitation to YOU to join me!

Want to knock out a 45 minute workout this week, for FREE, at the place I keep raving about?  If you truly want to come with and see what it's all about, you're invited!

Shoot me an email, and lets work something out!


As always, opinions are my own as an endorser of Kvell Fitness and Nutrition.

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