Believe it or not, I've talked to people still looking for the perfect Christmas tree and if you ask me, it's never too late to get one.

Growing up, we always had a fake tree and honestly, I never cared-- the convenience of being able to put it up whenever the family wanted was great. However, it wasn't until I discovered how great a real, fresh cut Christmas tree can SMELL that I decided that's the best route to take. Maybe I'm just crazy.

If you're out and about looking for a tree, I've found a gold-mine at one of my favorite local produce spots in the Treasure Valley, Wissel Farms.

Need fresh local produce? This place has always been my families favorite stop and this time of year, Christmas trees are a plenty! With over 150 trees remaining at Wissel Farms, there's sure to be one available that's perfect for your home.

Check them out at 11085 Lake Lowell Ave in Nampa!

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