People choose to live in Boise, Idaho for a variety of reasons. The friendly townsfolk, the beautiful scenery, incredible food and culture, and great places to spend some quality time outdoors!

Boise is ripe for good fishing, and locals here take their baitin' pretty seriously. You won't have to look far to find someone with a fancy boat all decked-out (pun intended) with high-tech fishing gear. It's a thing here in Idaho.

Do you have a favorite spot you like to fish? Well, you'd better make sure your favorite angling location isn't illegal to fish from. Worried? We were too. So let us spill the tea on one location you'll want to avoid fishing from in Boise at all costs.


It's illegal in Boise to fish from a giraffe's back.


We're being 100% serious. Not made up. Not a joke. Not clickbait.

This is an actual law that exists in Boise. It is, quite literally, against the law to partake in the activity of fishing if you find yourself located on the back of a giraffe. You know, as one does.

Why does this law exist? We're wondering as well. Did Boise have wild herds of giraffes derping around local fishing holes? Did humans at one point figure out that it could be advantageous to fish from atop a giraffe? Are giraffes dinosaurs?

We may not get the answers to all the questions we seek, but at least we can sleep at night knowing we didn't break any fishing laws today. Did you?

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