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Same-sex marriage in Idaho has been legally recognized since October 15, 2014.

That's right. Gay marriage has been a thing in Idaho for almost a decade, and to be very clear, we're here for it.

Oddly enough, not everyone is. It happens often enough that we'll share an article about Boise Pride, and there's always someone in the comments screaming about how they don't like it. Be it their personal preference, bias, or religious beliefs, some Idahoans still think gay marriage shouldn't be allowed in their state.

Well, they're in the minority.

Recent statistics show that a whopping 49% of Idahoans openly support same-sex marriage throughout the state.

12% of Idaho residents are unsure how they feel about the subject.

That brings us to the...other folks. Almost 39% of people living in Idaho are opposed to the idea of gay marriage being legal in their state. What's interesting is the majority of those who are opposed to same-sex marriage in Idaho are over the age of 65. Of every four people in Idaho who oppose gay marriage, one of them is a senior citizen.

Here's where it gets pretty weird. 48% of men in Idaho support gay marriage, but for the ladies, over 55% of them are all for it.

However you feel about it, same-sex marriage is happening in Idaho, and we're just glad that all of our friends and neighbors get to love who they love openly.

Speaking of which, we'll see you in a couple of months at Boise Pride! We promise not to leave any crumbs.

Last year was dope, btw:

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