Very sad news coming out of Boise today. A young Boise pilot lost his life in a plane crash.

The pilot has been identified as 34-year-old Nolan W. Smith of Boise. He was the only person on the plane. The body has been retrieved from the crash site.
Authorities say the four-seat Cessna 182 left Boise around 12:30 p.m. Sunday but did not arrive in McCall as scheduled.

This hits really close to home for me. With my father being an airline pilot, I've spent lots of time up in the air. Close to 1200 hours. In fact, if radio hadn't called, I would probably have chosen to be a pilot. The first plane I flew by myself was a Cessna 182, the same as in the unfortunate crash detailed above. I've even made the quick flight from Boise to McCall. My most profound thoughts and condolences go out the family of Nolan.

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