The holidays are over, and it's time to get back on our grind.  I have finally accepted the fact that when I really need/want to get work done, I am the farthest from productive at home.  Let's be real the distractions are endless: my super cute pup, TV, kids, friends, etc.
I have found myself most productive and focused in a warm and local coffee shop. (The mom & pop ones are an obvious favorite of mine).  With just the right amount of white noise in the background, anyone can get lost in their work. Here is my Monday through Friday guide to my favorite Boise coffee shops:
the district
Monday -- The District
This clean and crisp coffee shop is located in DT Boise and is an exceptional coffee shop to me because of the social responsibility that they hold as a nonprofit.  When you step into the coffee shop, you will notice a beautiful mural of India to your left. This art represents the support they provide, financially and as an education platform, for Send Hope. Send Hope is a charity that allows The District to help in supporting 12 different orphanages around India. Along with this already incredible service, they also offer internships exclusively for refugees settling in Boise. Get your coffee and support a local nonprofit.
flying m
Tuesday -- Flying M
Your typical small town feels coffee shop. They are big supporters of local charities and events with posters plastered all over their back wall. When you walk in, a small, quirky gift shop filled with items from greeting cards to fun socks will greet you. And, I don't know about you, but there's something about hotdog printed socks sold in a coffee shop that just personally speaks to me. So settle in your seat. Whip out that laptop. Chug some coffee. And go to town on that to-do list!
(P.S. They have live trivia every Tuesday night from 7 pm - 9 pm! Play to win Flying M gift cards valued at $30, $20, and $10.)
hyde perk
Wednesday -- Hyde Perk
HUMP DAYYYYY!!!!! Okay, without a doubt, this is my favorite coffee shop in all of Boise. Located in the Northend on 13th street I just feel like this coffee shop hugs you back. (lol does that make sense?). Rather new to the Boise scene, Hyde Perk opened their family owned and operated coffee shop in 2015. But now, I can't imagine the North End without it! Pop a squat on a bench, put on your Jack Johnson playlist (obvi), and order my FAVORITE drink the Shortbread Latte (hot)!
Thursday -- Java DT
This coffee shop is ALWAYS packed. Which means, it's got to be good! The ambiance of this downtown coffee shop is particularly unique with their rock n' roll music vibes and warm colors. Their menu will make your mouth water and their coffee with fill your stomach with warmth. DT Java is the place to go for your Friday EVE vibes!
big city
Friday -- Big City Coffee and Café
Located in the Linen District this is for sure a fan favorite of the Boise community. Expect a long line for breakfast on the weekend (the biscuits an gravy is my BFF's fave). But on any weekday you can get together for a group meeting or get comfy by yourself with a mocha in this farm-style coffee shop. Their pastries are to die for, and the Pumpkin Chai Muffin is my go-to!
Now that you know WHERE to go it's TIME to go! Pack up your backpack and support your local coffee shop!

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