We're well into a college football season that for so long, fans have been waiting for. After a year of complete madness--also known as a COVID-19 pandemic, a complete season WITH fans in the stands has gotten underway. What does that mean for Boise State? So far, it's been a big "YIKES".

Growing pains happen--rough seasons happen--but this year just feels rough.

After hiring a new Athletic Director and a new Head Coach, Boise State had a little burst of energy that personally, we haven't felt in a few years. After being beat out by other "Non-Power Five" teams over the last few years to play in the big bowl games, it has felt like Boise State has just gotten to be mediocre.

The system works against Boise State-- even a two-loss team will be over shadowed by a better "small" school and we understand that context. This year, however, we're seeing some of the worst numbers in years.

So what is a Boise State program to do? Where is the problem?  From the outside looking in, it's tough to reasonably tell and no--we aren't being haters. We have to be honest, though.

One theme seems common online: fans aren't digging Offensive Coordinator Tim Plough. In fact, many called him out VERY early in the season after a loss to Oklahoma State. Plough was quoted saying at one point that there sure are "a lot of OC's in Boise".

As the offense continues to struggle--here's what some are saying:

Head Coach Andy Avalos' continued statement of: we have to live up to the standard, we've got to protect the blue, and we've got to dial it in, simply isn't doing it anymore. Just a few games ago, players were actually tweeting to Bronco Nation asking the fans to "stick with us"-- since when does that happen?

This season, no matter how it ends, will not have end up the way that anyone wanted and that can be ok, but something has to alleviate the stress and uneasiness that fans are feeling. Could it be firing someone? A bold roster shift?

It's time Boise State sends a real message to the program, the fan base, and the greater league. Action steps, Broncos.

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