We're in the middle of wedding season, and that means procuring a wedding gift.

Are Idahoans overpaying for theirs?

According to Tendr, Idaho has one of the lowest averages when it comes to how much we spend on a wedding gift. Springing for that $400 blender, or splurging on the bride and groom to help pay for their honeymoon? Tendr's study says if you're paying more than $95 for a wedding gift, you're paying too much.

This is good news for us, since the average cash gift given to a new couple in the U.S. is $160.

What's interesting is not only do cash gifts given fluctuate from state to state, but also season to season. Tendr found out that people were much more generous with cash gifts for a summer wedding, and gave the least amount at a winter wedding.

If you're wondering what state is shelling out the biggest bucks for a wedding gift, that would be Vermont. They give $245 dollars on average. That's almost triple what us Idahoans pay.



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