The other day, my mom decided that it was necessary to tell me that she thinks it's odd that all of my posts online are about beer, wine, or parties. Well, they say you only live once, right?

All alcohol jokes aside, one thing that I think our community does really well is offering awesome adult-targeted events that can be a cool way for young adults to feel like kids again and for parents to get out of the house for a real unique night out. Zoo Boise, this summer, will just be adding to your options!

I came across this event on Facebook and it looks super cool! It's a full blown wine SAFARI hosted by the Zoo Boise Director, Zoo Boise General Curator, and Zoo Boise Veterinarian.

The safari, or tour if you will, takes you behind the scenes of Zoo Boise with exclusive access to the giraffes (with an African wine pairing), penguins (with a South American wine pairing), and various asian animals (with an Asian wine pairing). Appetizers will also be offered.

All of this happens on June 5th, right when the weather will start to FEEL like the African desert here in the Treasure Valley! Seats are limited, for more on this event, click HERE.

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