How many people does it take to put on a condom, sounds like the start of a joke, right?  In the #metoo age, it's really important that people know boundaries on a date and that consent is 100%.  An Argentinian contraceptive company called Tulipan, might have another "layer of protection" for those on dates who are down to get down.

It's a pack of condoms that requires, 2 people and 4 hands to open.  It's called "Consent Pack" and the condom box only opens when four hands are placed on specific pressure points on the side of the box.  I guess it's sort of like one of those Chinese puzzle boxes?

The slogan for the special condoms, is, "IF IT'S NOT A YES, IT'S A NO"...

From the Sun UK story the aim is to make consent during sexual relations, clear.  The company does plan to give away the consent condoms for free in bars and at special events, in Argentina.  Depending on the success, maybe we'll see the consent condom make it's way to the US.

What do you the consent condom, where both of you using both hands, opening the box, make it absolutely clear, that sex is ok?

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Take the poll and let us know. In the meantime just stick to the traditional Trojans, or if maybe those Magnums and always make sure both of you are onboard.


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