Years ago I drove myself to the hospital due to a horrible stomach ache, that stomach ache turned into two surgeries within a 7 day span and a total of 21 days in the hospital. I remember sitting outside of the operating room waiting for my second surgery thinking... The doctor said this is an exploratory surgery... there is no way I'm getting out of here alive.
Needless to say I made it, however it's an experience I will never forget. I will also never forget the two nurses that took care of me for 21 days. These two kind souls made all the difference in the world and I'm convinced that they were heaven sent. There are some nurses that are just doing a job and we appreciate them and then there are the ones that put their heart and soul into caring for those who can't care for themselves at the moment. Over the 21 days that I was in the hospital these people became like family as a matter of fact after I left the hospital I took them both to lunch and talked to them often. Today is National Nurses Day and I would like to salute the two nurses who helped me live, the two nurses who went above and beyond for a stranger.
Thank You

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