I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the heart of Tornado Alley(where they filmed the movie Twister).  I've seen some of the biggest tornadoes ever recorded.  That smell in the air when the weather is turning, the thunder and lightning, the hail and then it sounds like a freight train barreling towards you.  So what just happened to our fellow citizens in Alabama, hits close to home for me.  So far according to the IdahoStatesman, at least 23 are dead, including children.  The town of Beauregard, Alabama was hit hard by an EF-3 Tornado, which means the wind speeds reach 136 mph.

So when disasters like this happen, we always ask, how can I help.  Well I've made a list of ways for you to help the victims, survivors and city of Beauregard, recover from this.

If you have family in the area you can always check in with the Red Cross, they are already on-site. Contact Loved Ones http://redcross.org/safeandwell


The Red Cross of East Alabama is accepting donations for those in hardest-hit areas including Barbour, Chambers, Coffee, Dale, Geneva, Henry, Houston, Lee, Pike and Russell counties. Monetary donations are accepted online, or those who want to directly give can stop by the nearest Red Cross office for more information.

The Auburn Dream Center in Auburn, Alabama is accepting needed items like diapers, granola bars, baby formula, baby wipes and hygiene products today. They have rescue teams on the ground who are starting the cleanup process.

Those interested in a financial donation or volunteer can text the word “response” to 74000 and can opt-in to receive updates.

 Another way to help is with displaced animals.  Opelika Animal Hospital is offering boarding services to displaced animals at no charge, according to the group’s Facebook page. You can find contact information here.  Maybe you can help them with a donation to help the animals.


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