Just in time for the weekend I felt the need to give back to my community. I know that as the weekend approaches all of us single people swipe right more often than not and as a result we end up with multiple date request… Ok, who am I kidding I’m writing this so that all of the women reading this have multiple excuses to not go on dates with all the less than desirable creeps that hit on them on a regular basis. By the way this was inspired by Brooke & Jeffrey’s second date update in which a guy used the worst excuse ever to not go on a second date with a woman – “He claimed she stole two pieces to his puzzle and as a result he would never be able to finish it.” I believe the following excuses compliments of ranker.com are much better and will come in handy this weekend.  Enjoy.  


  • 1

The Ace in the Hole: You're Feeling Sick

You're Just Not that into Them But Wish Them the Best

  • 2

You're Just Not that into Them But Wish Them the Best

  • 3

Professional Emergency! You Suddenly Got Called into Work

  • 4

Your Headache Turned into a Massive Migraine

  • 5

You're Having Lady Problems. Bad Ones

  • 6

You Think You're Better as Friends

  • 7

BFF Duty Calls! Your Friend's Tanked and Needs a D.D.

  • 8

You're Focusing on Yourself Right Now

  • 9

Uh Oh! It's an "Emergency" Phone Call!

  • 10

Uh Oh! Feels Like Food Poisoning!

  • 11

Your Sister's Sick and You Must Care for Her

  • 12

A Pipe in Your Bathroom Burst

  • 13

Your Grandpa Escaped the Old Folks' Home Again

  • 14

Your Dog Just Ate All of Your Thin Mints and Needs to Go to the Hospital

  • 15

Your Car Died. On a Deserted Road. In Canada

  • 16

You're Saving Yourself for Marriage

  • 17

You've Already Eaten

  • 18

One of Your Six Kids Has a Birthday Party

  • 19

Oops, You Lost Your Keys. Forever

  • 20

You Just Gave Blood and Feel Dizzy

  • 21

Your AA Sponsor Said You Aren't Ready To Date

You've Developed an Allergy and It's Coming On

  • 23

Your Therapist Says You Have Intimacy Issues

  • 24

You Suddenly Rekindled an Old Flame

  • 25

You Had an Eye Appointment and Can't Even With Light


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