Two legendary programs for two very different reasons are about to meet for the first time ever.  Football fans in Boise? They can hardly contain themselves.

Just days ago, as he usually does, Athletic Director Jeramiah Dickey fired up the 'excitement machine' -- also known as his Twitter account. Dickey, more than most in Boise State's recent history, is very active on X (the app formerly known as Twitter) and now he's really done it. Fans often assume that his announcements will be about conference re-alignment, stadium expansion, or landing major recruits.

This afternoon--an announcement of historic proportions was rolled out and nobody saw it coming.

For the first time in program history, Boise State will be traveling to South Bend, Indiana, to play The University of Notre Dame.

The game will arguably be the schools largest game ever--discounting bowl appearances and matchups.

Looking back over the years, Boise State has played the likes of Michigan State, UCLA, even Georgia. None of this programs, no matter how 'major', as the crowned jewel of a sport with such deep and respected legacy. Notre Dame is that program.

The game will be in the 2025 season--set to be held on October 4th.

The legendary stadium that Notre Dame calls home, which features 'Touchdown Jesus', seats 77,622 fans. That will make it the fourth largest road game for Boise State-- following Georgia, South Carolina, and Michigan State, respectively.

Fans are totally ecstatic about the announcement.


Could Pope Francis himself be in attendance? We know he would be rooting for the Irish--but perhaps he can wait until they come to The Blue!?

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