There are few foods more American than a hamburger. I remember visiting family in Mexico as a kid and the fascination my cousins had with hamburgers was comparable to the fascination we in America have with tacos  ( I'm just saying we named a day of the week after them... Taco Tuesday). Today we pay homage to that very American culinary creation called the Hamburger. Interestingly enough the sandwich originated in Hamburg, Germany but was perfected and americanized in Seymor, Wisconsin. Fun fact, Americans eat 50 billion burgers per year.

I love me a burger from time to time and this month I've discovered and tried three different burger spots in honor of National Hamburger month.

Main Street Burger in Meridian - This is a spot I've been enjoying for years, very consistent and never disappoints.

Big Bun is a spot I discovered while looking for The Ranch. Big bun had amazing service and quality burgers with a 50's style vibe and two drive thru lanes.

The Ranch in the D&B parking lot on Overland is my latest obsession and the spot I chose to celebrate National Hamburger day. The Spicy Cowgirl is my burger of choice and they have a really good variety of fries that allows you to mix it up.

 I hope you celebrate National Hamburger day by supporting one of these local spots, you won't be disappointed.


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