I love music and the majority of the time that I’m awake I’m listening to it. It dawned on me today that what ends up happening most days is that I get stuck on three or four songs. Most of the time they’re completely different songs, different genre, different vibes and different sounds. Obviously we all interpret songs differently and depending on what’s going on in our lives some lyrics stand out more than others. Today I’ve decided to open a window into my world and share the songs that are on repeat in my head. Whether these lyrics get you hyped, in your feelings or makes you reflect I hope at least one of these speaks to you today.


Why you always in a mood?
duckin 'round, actin' brand new
I ain't tryna tell you what to do
But try to play it cool
Baby, I ain't playing by your rules
Everything look better with a view


Come & Go

I try to be everything that I can
But sometimes I come out as bein' nothin'
I try to be everything that I can
But sometimes I come out as bein' nothin'
I pray to God that he make me a better man, uh
Maybe one day I'ma stand for somethin'
I'm thankin' God that he made you part of the plan
I guess I ain't go through all that Hell for nothin'
I'm always duckin' up and wreckin' shit, it seems like I perfected it
I offer you my love, I hope you take it like some medicine
You tell me, ain't nobody better than me, I think that there's better than me
Hope you see the better in me, always end up betterin' me


Can’t Tell Me Nothing

La, la, la, la (hey!)
Wait till I get my money right
La, la, la, la (yeah!)
Then you can't tell me nothing, right?
Excuse me, is you saying something?
Uh, uh, you can't tell me nothing (ha, ha!)
You can't tell me nothing
Uh, uh, you can't tell me nothing


Life's Too Short

I don't like drinking beer, I love it
On the back porch swinging with my honey
Life's too short just to like it
So you better get to lovin' this living before it's gone
Life's too short

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