I love looking back at something that seemed terrible at the time, but obviously worked out for the best or saved something else from happening. That could be the case for all of the 49ers fans here in the Treasure Valley.

In February when the San Francisco 49ers blew a 10-point lead late in the Super Bowl to lose to the Kansas City Chiefs, doctors in the Bay Area were busy treating the region's first coronavirus patients.

Think about that- if the 49ers had won the Super Bowl, a huge victory parade would have meant thousands of fans crowding into San Francisco's streets and bars. I've been to a Super Bowl parade before. When the Seahawks won the Super Bowl in 2014, I remember the initial number of fans at the parade being somewhere around 800,000. Nearly a million people. I remember it being one of the coldest, most crowded things I've attended.

The Wall Street Journal reports it's actually super likely that the 49ers' loss led to hundreds, if not thousands, of San Franciscans being safe from COVID-19.

“It may go down in the annals as being a brutal sports loss, but one that may have saved lives,” says Dr. Bob Wachter, the chair of the University of California-San Francisco’s Department of Medicine.

So, if you're a 49ers fan here in the Valley and are looking for some silver lining, maybe the loss saved the well-being of someone you know.

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