Being married is great! Tough at times but great. I've written about marriage before in my "Things They Don't Tell You About Marriage" post. Now that our big day has passed, I'm finding that it's easy to let a relationship slip into a routine. Work, home, bed, weekend. Having a two-year-old adds a whole different level of distraction to the equation. I think with myself being a stereotypical male; I continuously need to focus on keeping things refreshed and exciting. After all, she chose me.

Here are five awesome ways I've found to surprise your wife.

#1 Make a hand cooked meal. Surprise your wife with a fantastic dinner with all the trimmings. Not a cook? No worries, YouTube chefs have plenty of easy to follow videos.

#2 Take her shopping the easy way. No woman would ever turn down an Amazon gift card.

#3 Clean. This concept may seem foreign to most guy's but pick up a broom or turn on a vacuum and get to work.

#4 Set up a girls night out. Even though us men are totally awesome, she will definitely enjoy a girls night out with her ladies.

#5 Do something special for her parents. This may come as a surprise, but you are not the only love in her life. Doing something special for her parents shows that you care about what she cares about.

Hey husbands, I'm in the same boat you are. Do you have any surprises to add to the list?

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