Idaho is known for some of the best nature has to offer.

Be careful, some of it can be rather spooky.

YouTuber Brian Cattelle traveled all over the Gem State to capture some truly fascinating footage. Cattelle is an urban explorer and photographer, and here he's managed to get into some of the most interesting decomposing structures in the entire state.

Here, Brian visits the Franklin County Sugar Company, the Skylark Mine, the ghost town of Bonanza, and two other abandoned locations that we won't spoil for you here.

How did urban exploring become some popular? The exotic hobby has been shown love on multiple TV shows including MTV's FearUrban Explorers on the Discovery Channel, and Ghosthunters on SyFy.

Have you thrown around the idea of doing some urban exploring yourself? It can be rewarding, but also dangerous. Allianz Insurance lays out some ground rules to follow if you're about to embark on a journey to some abandoned locations:

  • Ask permission
  • Know the dangers
  • Only explore abandoned places that are open to the public
  • Don't steal souvenirs
  • Join a group
  • Don't wait too long to explore
  • Accept that some places are simply off-limits

Not listed here is the fact that you should probably wear a dust mask or respirator while exploring abandoned locations. Asbestos is still a thing that exists, and you can get extremely sick breathing in contaminants from dried bird feces. Which sounds gross, but imagine how much worse it is when it's in your lungs!


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