I know a lot of people get excited for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but my favorite day of shopping is sandwiched in the middle of those two: Small Business Saturday.

A day dedicated to supporting the local business owners right here in our community?! Count me in. Especially if I get to knock out some major Christmas shopping while I'm at it. Win win.

SO! My first ever Small Biz Sat in Boise. Here are the places I plan on supporting:

1) Human Bean coffee. Any perfect day of shopping starts with a trip through your favorite coffee drive thru. Think about how much of a bigger impact it makes to spend your money locally at a coffee shop rather than a big corporation like Starbucks. You can even grab some gift cards to throw in stockings or Christmas cards for your coworkers!

2) Pi Baby Boutique. I know, I'm not a mom, but I do have 2 nephews and one niece. Pi Baby has the cutest clothes and accessories for babies and toddlers. Plus they will ship for you, which is perfect for me with my niece and nephews who are in the Pittsburgh area.

3) Mixed Greens Modern Gifts. In the heart of downtown's shopping district, the cutest little gift shop has candles, cards, jewelry, art work, air plants and basically everything you never knew you needed. This is my favorite type of store! The one where you go in needing nothing, but always find something.

4: Guru Doughnuts. After stopping at even just a couple shops, I'm gonna need a snack. I've been given a doughnut from the famous Guru, but I haven't gone in yet myself! Small biz Sat is the day!

5) Rediscovered Books. Some of the best gifts I ever receive are books that I wouldn't think to buy for myself. Rediscovered has a huge selection!

I know I'm still fairly new to Boise, so surely there are multiple dope little businesses that I've yet to discover. If there's one I have to check out this Small Biz Sat or anytime, let me know! Twitter or IG: @kitkatfisher

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