Last week, we took a very informal poll of out listeners to find out what Boise residents would NOT be excited to see come to or open in our community next.  You guys did not hold back when it came to your frustrations.

Here's what you told us!

1) People

Remember back in the day when we used to celebrate Boise being included on Top 10 lists? (At some point there used to be a comprehensive list of all of these lists somewhere online.) Unfortunately those bit us in the butt and drew a lot of attention to the Treasure Valley. Those lists going viral prompted people to actually check out the City of Trees and next thing we knew? GROWTH BOOM! We started finding ourselves in the top spot on lists like "Fastest-Growing Metro" and "Year-Over-Year Housing Price Increases." If this was one of the frustrations you posted about, you're not alone. Even KTVB's Mark Johnson wants to hang up a "we're full" sign to talk tourist out of making Boise their forever home.

2) Traffic

Something tells us that this one is a direct reflection of the item above. More people = more cars on the road. More cars on the road = more traffic. Vanessa and I were chatting about traffic this morning.  Both of us have a five minute commute to work, but if someone with an out of state plate gets in front of us and slows that commute down to seven minutes? That's enough to push us over the edge. As frustrating as it is trying to get through the Flying Y or Down Eagle Road is at 5:15, we really don't have it that bad here. According to T-Sheets, the average one-way commute for work is only 17 minutes.  That's 31% shorter than the national average of 25.

3) Mattress Stores

They say you should replace your mattress every eight years.  Well, if you're coming on up on that benchmark, you've got plenty of places to go. For a period of time after Sleep Country merged with Mattress Firm, there were two Mattress Firm stores literally 200 yards from each other in several places around the Treasure Valley. Some of those have now closed, but there's still stores mattress stores EVERYWHERE!

4) Scooters

Between Bird, Lime and Spin there can be up to 750 e-scooters on the streets in Boise at any given time. And by "on the streets," we also mean thrown down on the sidewalk, laying in the grass in public parks or parked illegally somewhere. When not taken care of properly, they just look plain trashy. I haven't been out to Meridian enough since their 100-150 Bird scooters made their debut earlier this year to know if their fairing any better. For the most part, I agree that these things are a freakin' plague...but then I died in the middle of my 16 mile run and had never been so happy to see a Spin scooter thrown in the grass at Julia Davis Park. I downloaded the app on the spot and took a terrifying 1.5 mile ride back to my car at Municipal Park. I did find it ironic that the first thing the app asked me was if the scooter was parked neatly when I unlocked it. No. No, it was most definitely not.

5) Car Washes

We're not sure why these are the next big thing...but you're right.They're massive and they're popping up everywhere.

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