I finally buckled down and got things done this weekend!

1) Finally checked out Fatty's downtown. It was everything I've been promised and more. Make sure you come out Saturday nights to see us there!

2) Got myself a brand new Mazda3 from Team Mazda Subaru in Nampa! I've never had a brand new car before, or a car payment. I've also not driven an automatic since I was 18, so this is a lot of firsts for me.

3) Went to the Steelheads exhibition game! This was also my very first hockey game. We lost in a shootout.

4) Had my sprinkler system malfunction. A bunch of my heads are leaking, so naturally I called over my sales manager Mike to check it out. No fix yet.

5) Had lunch with Keke at the Village in Meridian yesterday to prep for our launch today! When I say lunch, I mean I ate and Keke just had a beer because he ate without telling me. *eye roll*

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