Everyone tells me that at this point in my life and my career, I should really start looking for a house because our rent is about what the mortgage on a nice started home would be.

Before moving from a one bedroom to a three bedroom apartment in the same complex I've been living in since 2013, my fiance and I briefly took a look at some homes near our current neighborhood. (I'm so close to the station that I refuse to move out of Southeast Boise.) We looked at a few homes in Columbia Village and a few condos about a mile from where I was living at the time.  For what we would be paying for those homes we realized they were just too expensive for the amount of work we'd have to put in to them.  We also both agreed it wasn't worth giving up to the pool at my apartment complex.

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media
Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

While the home search didn't pan out for us, I really enjoyed looking at the photos on the real estate sites...and envying people that had really nice homes, with really nice pools! If only we made enough money to live like these people. ::SIGH::

And that's when it dawned on me! I do make enough money to live like these people for at least a night! Honestly, while my guy's been out of town for the past few weeks I've thought about renting an Air BnB just for a change of scenery.  A lot of friends think that's weird for me to do in the same city I live in, but once you take a look at these homes and the pools you get access to, you may change your mind! Especially if you're living in a subdivision or apartment complex WITHOUT a pool in the 90º temps!

In addition to getting access to this gorgeous pool area, you also have access to the entire 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home, complete with a gas fireplace (probably better in the winter,) a huge 60'" big screen TV and bar for mixing your own cocktails.  If you're staying with your significant other, there's a romantic, spacious master bath. Plus, you're minutes from Lucky 13 and we all know that's some of the best pizza in the Treasure Valley.  Rental includes free off street parking and wireless internet.

Just out of downtown, you're invited to stay in a private room in The Hillsboro Home.  Your room has a king sized bed and you can use their gourmet kitchen, exercise room and of course, the pool when you book your stay! As you can see the pool area has it's own waterfall and is absolutely gorgeous! Access to wifi and the guest family room is also included.

I know what you're thinking, what's a Barndominium? Save yourself the time googling it! It's a combination between a barn and a condominium and this one is super unique! Guests wake up to the sound of chickens, are allowed to collect fresh eggs for breakfast and visit with the goats of the now famous Boise Goat Yoga! Want to get a workout in? You've also got access to a professional fitness area.  Want someone to lead you through a workout? One of the home's hosts is available to lead a private fitness class for you and up to two of your friends. Wireless internet and access to the pool (with waterfall) is included.

When the host says that their home is near a resort class pool, they're not kidding! Rent this 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home and you'll also get access to a master bathroom with a beautiful soaker tub.  We can't imagine why you wouldn't spend all your time near this gorgeous pool, but if you do want to chill inside you'll have access to their satellite TV package and high sped internet! This home is located near Locust Grove and McMillan.

The private room you'll be staying in is in a new, high end gated community in Eagle.  It's a short 5 minutes drive from downtown Eagle and not far from The Village at Meridian.  The rental doesn't just give you access to this beautiful pool area, you can also check out the basketball and tennis courts, backyard fishing and nearby hiking! You'll also have access to a private bathroom, free WiFi, DirecTV and Netflix during your stay.

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