Freak Alley is getting its annual art filled makeover by the most creative artists in the Treasure Valley this weekend. Local artists have been working around the clock for the past week to create new pieces of art for the community.

The final strokes of art and the showing off will be Saturday, August 11th in Freak Alley. Downtown Boise is becoming something that I haven't been able to label yet, but Freak Alley is expression without words.

My quick message to all the Californians and all the transplants who reside in the Treasure Valley - check out Freak Alley. This is a great moment to grab your phone and just take pictures and videos for your social media to show off the city. Now, what is Freak Alley?

Freak Alley is a place for murals, graffiti and public art that is in an alley in Downtown Boise. This historic tourist attraction solely relies on donation and volunteer work. If you're interested in lending a creative hand - they accept any and everyone. That's how we roll Boise!

The 8th Annual Freak Alley Mural Event will showcase it's "freaky" look on Saturday. Don't wanna deal with the crowds? Go now! That's the beauty of Freak Alley. We always walk by when we're downtown. Saturday's event is from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Make sure to tag ya boy on Instagram @kekeluv @kissboise

Here's a quick look at all the hard work that's been put in this week. Join in the fun Saturday. click on LINK for location and more details.


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