As someone who still very much has *Nsync's "Not Strings Attached" album on her iPhone, the fact that the 90s Bar Crawl is coming BACK to Boise made me geek out quite a bit!

If you were someone that "vauge-booked" before Facebook by putting song lyrics in your AIM away message, begged your parents to buy you the very first edition of NOW That's What I Call Music and had deep conversations with your Furby (mine was named Su-Mo, he was the coolest zebra furby on the block!) then this is the bar crawl for you!

The 90's Bar Crawl is coming back to Downtown Boise on Saturday, August 26th from 2-5 PM! Your ticket includes a 90s Bar Crawl cup, drink specials at the participating downtown bars and as much 90's music as your ears can handle!

Participating bars include: Piper Pub, Whiskey Bar, Cactus, Fatty's and still more bars to be added!

In advance, tickets cost you probably the same about of money you had at the end of the month if you saved up your allowance instead of buying obnoxious amounts of TY Beanie Babies and hit clips! (Ok, they're $15!)

You also get a "welcome drink" when you check in to registration the day of the pub crawl!

Want your excuse to belt out "Bye, Bye, Bye" in public like it's normal? Click HERE for more details!

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