Ahhh, the Idaho license plate. It says it plain as day.


You can't miss it.

Is the Idaho license plate a cute homage to our state? Is it ugly? Is it demeaning? Regardless of your take on the license plate currently being used on vehicles in the Gem State, artificial intelligence believes it has designed the perfect new license plate.

We Asked A.I. To Design Idaho's New License Plate

A.I. Designed Idaho's New License Plate

Should we trust artificial intelligence to come up with the next license plate that'll be placed on pretty much every vehicle in the state? Let's see what it came up with.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cruise // Townsquare Media


So, we're in agreement then that we should definitely not fire the fine folks who currently design our license plates, right? Sure, A.I. is definitely a useful tool in many ways, but it seems like the technology isn't quite there yet to take over designing the tag that goes on our cars' butts.

Unfortunately, it doesn't get much better when it comes to A.I. trying to create actual living people. We previously prompted A.I. to draw "Californians Moving To Idaho," since that tends to be a pretty hot topic around here.

Were the results nothing short of nightmare fuel? You bet!

AI Draws "Californians Moving To Boise"

We asked Artificial Intelligence to create some pictures using the prompt "Californians Moving To Boise." AI did NOT disappoint us.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cruise // Townsquare Media


Oh no. Please don't do this. Is A.I. going to take over and start designing our dogs as well? Cats, fine. Do whatever you want with cats. But dogs programmed by A.I.? That's where this writer draws the line.

I mean, I won't actually draw any line, because A.I. has the ability to detect lines both real and pretend, and having robots firebomb my house in the middle of the night isn't a thought that leads to deep sleep.

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